Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 | Music Midtown Festival

Two weekends ago I travelled down to Atlanta with three friends for the Music Midtown Festival. None of us had ever heard of the festival before but we'd planned to go ever since the lineup was released in June.

I flew down Friday afternoon - the others drove later in the day - so that I could catch the full lineup on Friday afternoon. I arrived two hours before the festival opened and met up with my uncle for a late lunch before riding the MARTA to the park where the festival. I quickly realized once I got off at the Arts Center Station - following the directions given by festival staff - that I was nowhere near the park, I didn't know where it was, and I had no idea how to get there. Luckily I was able to join in with multiple groups of other festival goers and made it through the gates 15 minutes before the first artist started their set.

I was able to see all the artists that I had gone to the festival for, including a few that I've been wanting to see for years or never would have imagined that I would get to see live. It was such a fun, crazy weekend, and we've already started looking at other music festivals for more trips next year.

BANKS. She's been one of my favourite artists for about a year now and was the main reason I was wanted to attend this festival. She was an incredible performer and I would see her again if the opportunity ever arose.
Iggy Azalea. While her performance style was entertaining and she had plenty of dancers with her to keep it fun, her unedited voice sounds like that of a life-long smoker.
Lorde. She was one of the performers I was most excited about seeing, and she did not disappoint me. It was hard to remember that she's only 17 because she completely owned the stage. She sang through almost all of her album with a few extra songs thrown in, including a cover of Kanye's "Flashing Lights," and her dancing, while strange as always, kept the performance entertaining and fun despite some of the more somber lyrics.
Jack White. I've never liked his music when I've listened to his albums, but he is an incredible live performer and I wish I had stayed to see more of his set. His band was equally as talented as he was and they looked like they were having the time of their life onstage.
twenty one pilots. They were one of my favourite performers from the weekend. Even though there are only two people in the band, they were both all over the stage all the time that it felt like I was watching a full band. Tyler Joseph, the singer, is one of the most graceful human beings I have ever witnessed, and he effortlessly danced, leaped, and flipped his way across the stage. Near the end of set he even climbed to the top of the stage to continue singing (pictured below).
Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots singing from the top of the stage.
60,000+ of our friends for the weekend
needtobreathe. We were greatly amused at the drummer as he looked like he'd be more at home reading a book or cheesily strumming an acoustic guitar than he would be banging on a drumset.
Lana Del Rey. Although she is a little boring to watch - all she does is slowly walk back and forth across the stage - she sounds incredible live.
Bastille. Although they played a shorter set than when I saw them in May, Bastille was phenomenal. I was about 10 rows of people away from the stage and I was completely packed in with zero room to move. The crowd had a fantastic energy that clearly fed into how excited the band got as well. My favourite moment was when they performed TLC's "No Scrubs," one of my favourite of their covers. 
Eminem. I never thought I would ever attend an Eminem show (or any rap show in general) so it was certainly an experience seeing him live. Even though I'm not a fan of his music, it felt a bit surreal knowing that I was watching THE Eminem perform onstage in front of me. I only know 4-5 of his songs so I spent most of his set dancing to the music without recognizing anything. He closed the night (and the festival) with "Lose Yourself," the only song I actually know all the words to, and it was the perfect track to end the weekend.
Post-festival selfie on MARTA.

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