Friday, March 21, 2014

Savannah & Tybee Island

Spring break came at the perfect time as a mid-semester breathing space before it was time for final projects and exams and summer plans. My grandparents found a condo on Tybee Island, Georgia for the week and we spent the days going back and forth between Tybee and Savannah, which was about half an hour away. 

We all enjoyed Savannah; although my grandparents and mom used to live in Savannah, the rest of us had never been before so we had fun exploring the city. Although I don't consider myself Southern at all, I did fall in love with Savannah's old-fashioned charms, particularly the old buildings and houses in the Historic District and its numerous beautiful squares and parks. We took a trolley around the city and saw many famous movie sites, most notably the diner and the park bench from Forrest Gump. On our final day we visited Fort Pulaski on nearby Cockspur Island. It was very similar to Fort Macon in Emerald Isle but it seemed bigger and Pulaski still had massive holes and gaps in the walls leftover from the Civil War.

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