Friday, December 28, 2018

Life Lately | December

I've said this every year for the past few, but December feels less and less festive the older I get. Despite the citywide holiday decor, the weekend Christmas parties and mid-week white elephant exchanges, and the seasonal sugared and spiced drinks, the spirit of it all fails to make it past surface level. Part of it is of course the cynicism of getting older, but part of it too is, I think, the simple fact that life doesn't stop for Christmas the way it does when you're a child. The world continues on the same way it does when there isn't a 24 hour period of significance in the midst of it.

But despite the lack of holiday spirit, there were some genuinely wonderful moments this month: grabbing coffee in Del Ray with a friend after months of pushing it back, semi-crashing a girls' brunch, raving over peppermint marshmallows at my church's Christmas party, laughing at the confusion over sausage balls at another Christmas party, running around D.C. the day of the shutdown trying to squeeze in all the sights I'd been planning to revisit, visiting the second location of a favorite Raleigh coffee shop for the first time, catching up with lifelong friends over the crackles of a bonfire, throwing out family Christmas traditions and eating schnitzel for Christmas dinner, celebrating a friend's birthday in Georgetown with Italian pasta and vegan cupcakes, driving down to Busch Gardens for a family member's birthday, and revisiting old habits at Sola with another lifelong friend. This month -- emblematic of the whole year -- was far less about the big moments and much more about the joys found in the small moments.

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