Friday, November 30, 2018

Life Lately | November

Busy isn't what first comes to mind upon reflection of November, but it was a full month -- two trips down to Raleigh, two long holiday weekends, a workplace Thanksgiving feast, my fifth half-marathon, a MLS playoff game, multiple early morning coffee dates around the city, new hiking trails and new restaurants, the completion of fall book club, and the first snow(!!), to name the highlights. 

With the full schedule also came an unbalanced excess; I spent far more money than I should have on social occasions and event tickets, and I felt myself hit my "introvert wall" more times in the last four weeks than I did over the entire summer season. With the abundance of activities this month came the lessening of time spent on social media, and I've been contemplating what I'm actually doing with the platforms I'm on. In many ways, I need December to be a month of pulling back, even amongst the fullness of the Christmas season and holiday parties and plans every weekend. I love a good arbitrary deadline of a new year, and I'm looking forward to taking the next 31 days to really pull back from the frivolity of social media and posting just for the sake of posting and thoughtfully considering what I want to and need to accomplish in the coming year.

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