Thursday, September 13, 2018

2018 | On Summer

Summer has always been, by far, my least favorite season of the year. Between the air so soupy you could swim in it, the heat so oppressively ever-present it instantly produces internal rage, and the sun so bright I turn ever more alarming shades of pink and red, summer does not do much to win me over. And while this summer (my second summer in D.C.) was in many ways significantly better than last summer (my first summer in D.C.), it passed absurdly quickly, and I can hardly believe school is already back in session and the season is nearly behind us. 

And so, I've collected many photos and a few words to give an overview and a farewell to what has certainly been the busiest few months of life in D.C. so far. To seeing Arctic Monkeys, Harry Styles, and needtobreathe in concert; visiting Raleigh twice; seeing two sets of birthday fireworks (Alexandria and USA); traveling to the nearby cities in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, and to further away cities in New York and North Carolina; hiking in state parks; hunting for murals in NW & NE; attending a book festival and seeing several of my favorite authors; drinking lots of coffee and trying a multitude of new food; attending  a work conference and helping put one on; listening to live jazz; meeting up with friends at grubby diners; saying goodbye to seasonal D.C.-ers and getting closer to long-timers.

Summer 2018, you were a blur and a frustration and a delight.

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