Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Life Lately | July

Life //

July was by far the most hectic month I've had this year, despite -- or perhaps because of -- the number of vacation days. Between Independence Day and a couple long weekend trips, I only worked one full week the entire month, but every week was packed with plans.

July 4th was inconveniently placed squarely in the middle of the work week, but it meant getting what felt like two shortened work weeks in one. Though I was in D.C. last Independence Day I didn't do any national capital-worthy activities, so this year I made sure to watch the city's fireworks with friends from one of Arlington's many memorials.

A couple friends from Raleigh came up to D.C. the week after the 4th, and I alternated between keeping previously made morning plans with local friends and spending the evenings with the visiting ones. I showed them around a few of my favorite places and we tried a couple new ones, including the Museum of the Bible. 

After that, it was down to Asheville for a long weekend with my parents for my dad's 50th birthday. We spent most of our time bar and restaurant-hopping, though we also managed to squeeze in a visit with an old friend and see a streetside performance by Abby the Spoon Lady.

As soon as I returned from Asheville I was off to the National Alliance for Ending Homelessness's conference in Adams Morgan (still technically in D.C., but on the opposite side of the city from me). I was working an exhibitor table for half of it so I didn't see much, but Cory Booker was the keynote speaker at the lunch plenary on the final day, whom I was very excited to hear from. Though I don't agree with all of his political stances, I appreciate his dedication to practicing what he preaches and for being passionate about the issues, not to mention he's an excellent public speaker and fascinating to watch.

After the NAEH conference, I almost immediately left for a long weekend trip to NYC with my sister. Full posts will come later, but suffice it to say it was a crammed full but fun and rejuvenating weekend in one of my favorite cities, and I'm happy to have been finally able to visit it again.

Books //

I wrote up a little bit about each of the six book I read this month, which you can read here.

Also loving //

High As Hope by Florence + the Machine
Ugh. This album is incredible. High As Hope shows a more mature side of Florence than we've seen in the past, and it's just as beautiful as I expected. Many of the songs more strongly feature her vocals and are more stripped of instrumentals, though a few still build up to fantastic conclusions. While High As Hope is not my favorite of Florence's albums, it's far from a weak album, and I've been playing it on repeat all month.

Jessica Jones, season 2
If you want a thought provoking, insightful look into the newest season of this Netflix/Marvel film noir-style creation about a woman P.I. facing her demons, there are plenty of other places online to find them. All I'll say here is: the first season had better pacing, felt more cohesive, and better knew which character arcs were worth taking, but I'm very much loving this season and the creative choices decided upon. It's clear that every episode was written and directed by women from everything from the onscreen women's interactions down to the smallest details of cinematography, and I love the differences it makes for viewing.

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