Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Quick Peek at the Cherry Blossoms

5 + 14 April 2018 | Tidal Basin

Can I take a minute and complain about all the tourists in D.C. right now? We're reached the dreaded part of the year where spring breaks, class trips, and cherry blossom season all coincide, so the city is flooded with many more people than usual. Typically sometime in May there's about a week or two between the end of spring break and the onslaught of summer tourism, so I'm just holding out for a few weeks of not getting stuck behind slow people on the sidewalk/escalators or getting my feet run over my strollers and small children on the metro.

But I digress.

Cherry blossoms season has, with much trepidation and confusion from the weather, arrived. I visited them twice: once right after work on peak bloom day, and once a week later whilst running. Even with my amateur shots, you can see how beautiful the trees are (and given how busy the area was during "off hours," I'm glad I didn't attempt it over the weekend). I was determined to see them in their fully beauty this year as it's my first spring in D.C., but in the future I think I'll try to go before work and sneak it in at a better time of day.

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