Thursday, March 29, 2018

Life Lately | March

March was the first month since moving to D.C. that I haven't left the NOVA/D.C. area, and as much as I like to travel it was nice staying close to home. I've now been living in D.C. for just over three months, which means I've now spent more time living here than I spent interning here last summer. It's truly astonishing how quickly time flies when you're not counting down to an end date; I loved living here over the summer, but I knew there was a stop at the end so I filled every open day with metro rides in and out of the city to explore its depths. Now, I'm here indefinitely -- probably not my final stopping place in life, but I don't plan on leaving anytime soon either -- and I have the freedom to take my days slowly, spending my weekends wandering around town when I want and renting movies from my local library when I don't. Already being familiar with a city before moving in is a unique experience, but one I'm infinitely grateful for whilst navigating daily life.

Watching // The Crown
Viewing // I, Tonya
Listening // Blood Orange
Reading // The Complete Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino
Planning // Easter weekend

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