Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Weekend Colour Palette | Red

July 29-31, 2017

This past weekend's selected colour palette was r e d, a choice I thought would be difficult to spot. After all, it's not one usually found in nature, and I couldn't think of any place I'd be likely to spot it right off. Yet on Sunday I found myself spending a solid chunk of time walking up and down the streets of Del Ray, and red popped up all over the place. I first stopped in at a bakery, where I found it on the children's toys, the board games shelved on the wall, a hidden Waldo in the lights, the buttons of the coffee pots, a friend's rain jacket. Unremembered by me, the area's transportation is also full of red, and I found it on all of the bus stops and bike stands. Once I put myself in the mood for looking, red was easy to find.

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