Thursday, July 6, 2017

Naked As We Came

As a lover of words and reading, I was first attracted to the world of blogging because it meant reading the experiences of others in their own words. One of the first other bloggers I regularly followed was Arden Moore (formerly Missing Wanderer), who talked about books and writing and daily life in a journaling format that I loved. When Arden announced she was self-publishing an anthology of her writing called Naked As We Came, I jumped at the chance to read it, knowing I would love it as much as her blog.

Naked As We Came is, as Arden puts it, a "timeline of thoughts," a chronological collection of journaling and notes and poems from the last four years that cover her hardships, emotional struggles, memories from growing up, relationships, and general thoughts about life. Some pieces are short - mere sentences that read like thoughts scribbled down on scraps of paper - and others are lengthy, heartfelt poems and letters. 

Arden's unique voice and perspective on life is clearly portrayed throughout Naked As We Came, and as a long time reader of her blog, I can identify certain themes and topics that have been present in her writing over the years. Arden's writing has always felt very raw and honest to me, and one of my favorite pieces in the anthology, "Unknown," displays this; it's a longer piece uncovering the layers of contradictions we all have inside of us, as the things we do fail to match up to the ways we think.

Naked As We Came is out now. To read an interview with Arden about the creation of her anthology, click here

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