Wednesday, June 21, 2017

United States Botanical Garden

June 8, 2017

As previously mentioned, my first few days in DC were spent in the heart of the District, walking miles upon miles to crunch in as many touristy sites as possible. On one such afternoon I was walking across the Mall when I happened upon a gate just down the sidewalk from the Capitol Building marked as the United States Botanic Garden. I had looked up green spaces in DC and knew there were botanic gardens in the area, but I didn't expect to find them so close to the Mall.

The US Botanic Garden is split into two areas: a fenced-in outdoor space full of minimally groomed bushes and flowers and a glassed-in conservatory full of carefully cultivated plants organised by geographic location. Given my penchant for visiting gardens, the outside area wasn't anything new to me and I quickly made my way through it to reach the conservatory's glass doors. The interior is beautiful; the main room is over three stories high and filled with large trees and bridges over trickling fountains, and the connecting outer rooms are categorised by plant type and geographic location (my favourite naturally being the cacti and succulents room). The Botanic Garden makes for a beautiful spot of greenery amongst the building-heavy DC landscape, and is well worth a stop on the way to the national sites.

The United States Botanic Garden is free and open from 10am-7pm every day through Labor Day and 10am-5pm during the rest of the year.

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