Monday, June 12, 2017

Emerald Isle, NC

May 27 - June 3, 2017

Firstly, apologies for the ugly black outlines around some of the photos and the general graininess of them all. I have no idea what happened, as my phone took good photos before and after the trip but seemingly not during, and I didn't notice the problem until the week was almost over.

For several years now, my family has joined my second family (and their grandparents and cousins and sometimes another family of friends) for a week-long vacation on the North Carolina coast. The most recurrent destination is Emerald Isle, where we again found ourselves this year. As always, we stayed in an oceanfront house and spent our days walking along the shoreline, playing endless card games, watching old movies, taking numerous naps, finishing off multiple family-size bags of peanut M&Ms, renting paddleboards and jet skis, and sharing in deep conversations.

The trip also coincided with my final week in North Carolina before moving to DC, so I made the most of the relaxed approach to life that the beach provides, trading in makeup for completely insufficient amounts of sunscreen and organised daytime hours for on-the-fly plans. After spending the last five months at home to finish an internship, the family beach trip made for a perfect send-off.

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