Monday, May 1, 2017

The Bog Garden

April 22, 2017

I was invited to a friend's bridal shower at a place just outside Greensboro, a city a little more than 90 minutes from where I live, and having never taken the time to explore that area of the state, I left my house a couple hours early and visited a few sites of interest. In particular, I wanted to visit the Bog Garden, a 7-acre site featuring an elevated boardwalk over natural wetlands and nature paths through a forested hill.

The summer heat hadn't quite emerged yet despite the marshy, humidity-inducing setting and there weren't many people milling about, so the park was a mostly calm, quiet, not-unpleasantly-warm experience. I stayed for a little over an hour, wandering back and forth across the walkways and stopping to sit by the recirculating waterfall. The garden isn't worth a trip out on its own, but if I were ever in the area again I would visit it again.

The Bog Garden is open daily and admission is free.

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