Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May Goals

A little life update... May - so far - has not gone according to plan. I was coming up on what could have been the start of a new job in Raleigh and my weekends were full of plans to relax at the beach and spend a few days in DC. Instead, I received a rejection letter from the Raleigh-based job on Monday, and all of my weekend plans fell through due to excess of rain and lack of money. Mentally, I had prepared for May to be the month that everything came together, and instead was met by much the opposite.

This past Monday was a strange one as I felt I was being pulled in multiple career-driven directions all at once, but after numerous phone calls, discussions with close family and friends, and restless nights of sleep that turned into prayerful hours, I finally decided to accept a position with a nonprofit in DC for the summer! I'm so excited; DC is a city I've wanted to spend more time in for years now, and I'll have the chance to spend three months there. If anyone has any suggestions for things to see/do/experience in DC, please let me know!

As I'll be leaving NC in early June, if only for a few months, I've put together a list of things I want to do in the Triangle before I leave, and I've made it my better-late-than-never goals for the month:

  • finish my library book stack // but like, actually finish it
  • visit So & So Books
  • walk through the NCMA park
  • eat at The PR
  • go on a sister date to Sir Walter Coffee
  • visit Trophy Brewing
  • try Bida Manda
  • shop at the DTR Farmer's Market
  • visit Brewery Bhavana

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