Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pittsboro, NC

January 24, 2017

Fresh off a week of traveling (Charlotte and Washington DC), I wasn't content to continue sitting around my house all day. Pittsboro is a tiny, historic town founded in 1785 with less than 4000 people located about 45 minutes from downtown Raleigh, and though I've passed through it many times I'd never stopped in and explored. 

For such a small area, the town is surprisingly full of things I loved. I stopped in at several coffee shops and bookstores, first in downtown Pittsboro and later in Fearrington Village, an upscale community surrounded by farmland. In typical small town fashion, the people are tremendously personable and friendly. In Cafe Diem, the first coffee place I stopped in, I overheard a delightful conversation between the barista and a self-proclaimed "old white geezer" discussing their mutual love of libraries and why they love shows like Black-ish. At each bookstore I stopped at, I had lengthy conversations with the staff about our mutual love of well-designed book covers.

I visited two bookstores: Circle City, a used bookstore with an incredible selection of old books; and McIntyre's, a popular independent bookstore well known for its events with famous authors (recents include Jonathan Safran Foer). I tried keeping my spending under $15 at Circle City but completely failed as I couldn't put any of my picks down. I ended up leaving with five books, including a gorgeous hardback copy of Agatha Christie's works, a leather-bound Alexandre Dumas work from 1910, and a T.S. Eliot play from the 1930s.

I thought I'd be able to restrain myself in McIntyre's, but naturally failed there too, as I came upon a stack of the new Pelican Shakespeare editions and fell in love with the cover designs. I managed to keep my purchases down to a single copy of Macbeth - which of course now means I own three copies of Macbeth and have no intention of getting rid of any of them.

Needless to say, it was a bad day for my wallet but a wonderful day for my ever growing book collection, and I have no doubt I'll be making the trek out to Pittsboro again in the not-so-distant future.

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