Monday, November 21, 2016

Art Deco Night | Rolling Sculptures

November 18, 2016

Every October-January the NCMA hosts a special traveling exhibit. In previous years the gallery space has been filled with the works of Monet, Rembrandt, Rockwell - world class artists with renowned style. This year, the space was turned over to history and design enthusiasts in an exhibit called Rolling Sculptures, which featured unique cars from the 1930s + 40s. Many of the cars in the exhibit were the only one of their model, typically made by the designer for their personal use or for artistic purposes.

I've never been hugely into cars so I was initially disappointed when I heard what the exhibit would be this year. After walking through the gallery, however, I was impressed. The cars are, naturally, kept in pristine condition, and are more intriguing than I'd expected. Old cars can often look simple but these were beautifully designed to have no other purpose than to fulfill an designer's personal dream.

Typically the special exhibit is $15-18, but every November the museum hosts a college night where admission is free and a wide variety of local artists are invited to perform at the event. In keeping with the 1930s/40s era, the theme of the night was Art Deco. The NCSU textile design students brought out their fall creations channeling the era, and the restaurant downstairs served, among other things, Prohibition era drinks. It made for an evening full of glitz and glamour, as the perfect weekend send-off before Thanksgiving festivities. 

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