Friday, October 7, 2016

Gilmore Girls | Luke's Diner Day

October 5, 2016

Friends, classmates, and coworkers were buzzing over the news that hundreds of coffee shops nationwide would be transformed into Luke's Diner for the 16th anniversary celebration of the Gilmore Girls pilot, with three of them in our city. 

I have to a confession to make: I've never seen a single episode of Gilmore Girls. But, in the hope that I will one day make my way down my Netflix queue and watch it, and to join in a fun pop cultural moment, I set an alarm for early Wednesday morning and made my way to the closest Luke's Diner location.

The line was long but it moved fairly quickly, as most people just wanted the cup of plain coffee or a cup without anything, and the store was only half full as people took their drink and a few photos and left. The shop is one of my local favourites so I took my cup and settled down in a corner table to do some people-watching.

Most people were longtime Gilmore Girls fans, and there were quite a few dressed up as Luke and couples dressed as Lorelai and Luke. The event was overall quite a feel-good moment; hundreds of fans coming together to celebrate the return of a long-loved favourite with the best drink around - coffee.

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