Thursday, May 12, 2016

Recent Reads | Old Books

I recently checked out a few books from my university's library and was surprised yet excited to discover how old they were. My regional library system carries the old classics in newer print editions, but the university library carries a number of original printings, which is what I ended up with when looking for more summer reads. The Daphne du Maurier books are from the 1950s - the copy of Jamaica Inn is a reprint sold to advertise the 1952 movie version, and the edition of My Cousin Rachel is an original print.

I was most excited to see the copy of Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Making of a Marchioness, as it is an original print from 1901. The binding is coming away from the spine and the pages have suffered a little over the 115 years of its existence, but it doesn't stop me from freaking out a little every time I hold it. I always get excited when I visit somewhere historical mentioned in a novel, but to have a book that is itself a tangible piece of history in my hands is another feeling altogether. 

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