Monday, December 14, 2015

Five Beloved Films

We all have those movies that we've seen time and time again and yet never get tired of watching them. They might not necessarily be our favourites, but there's something about them that's always enjoyable. I've gathered a few that I could - and have - watched over and over again and still haven't gotten tired of them.

Adapted from Neil Gaiman's novel, this 2007 film features a young Charlie Cox as Tristan, a teenager who lives in a village bordering a magical kingdom called Stormhold. In an attempt to win the love of one of the village girls, Tristan crosses the wall between kingdoms to retrieve a fallen star, which, to his surprise, turns out not to be a pile of sparkly dust but a woman named Yvaine. To make it back home to his love, Tristan and Yvaine must safely cross through Stormhold, full of evil princes, witches, and magicians that also wish to claim Yvaine's power. Stardust has a huge, fantastic cast and the musical score is incredible. While it is far from the greatest movie ever made, it is an endearing tale of love and adventure, and it is one of my favourite book-to-film adaptations.

The Lord of the Rings
I could never claim to be the biggest Tolkien geek out there, but I do have an unnaturally large love of these films. Middle Earth was one of the first fantasy worlds I threw myself into as a child and it remains my favourite to this day. For those who (somehow) haven't seen it, the films follow Frodo and his companions as they cross Middle Earth to destroy the One Ring and Sauron, its maker. The trilogy are some of the best films I have ever seen - the adventure and peril don't detract from the characters and their relationships - and I've hardly met anyone who didn't like them.

The Mummy
Critics largely disliked this fantasy-comedy-action, but I've seen it no less than thirty times and still adore it. Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz play an American soldier and an Egyptologist respectively who team up on an archaeological dig at the ancient Egyptian city of Hamunaptra and accidentally awaken a mummy. In classic late-90s fashion the CGI is laughably bad, but it only adds to the charm of an action film that doesn't take itself very seriously. Add to it my longtime fascination of ancient Egypt and it's no wonder that this remains one of my most watched and most loved films.

How To Steal A Million
I adore Audrey Hepburn, and How To Steal A Million is both my favourite of her films and the one I've watched the most. Set in Paris, Hepburn stars as Nicole, the daughter of a gifted art forger whose copy of a prized sculpture winds up in a famous museum. To prevent her father from facing a ruined reputation, Nicole teams up with Simon, a "society burglar," to steal back the statue. Part drama, part comedy, part romance, How To Steal A Million deserves far more popularity than it receives, and is perfect for any fans of modern rom-coms.

The Princess Diaries
If you don't love this movie we can't be friends (I'm only half joking). I firmly believe when people list the chick flicks that define generations, they're forgetting The Princess Diaries, the 2001 film released between Clueless and Mean Girls that launched Anne Hathaway into stardom and saw a generation of girls embracing their own clumsiness. Based on Meg Cabot's novels, The Princess Diaries follows Mia Thermopolis, an awkward San Francisco teenager after she learns she is the heir apparent to the tiny fictitious country of Genovia. I still laugh at humour, I still quote Lilly on a near daily basis, and I still get wrapped up in the drama every time I watch it.

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