Saturday, June 13, 2015


May 30, 2015

Just before exams began Shannon invited me and a few others to spend the afternoon in Schwetzingen, a small town known for their gardens located fifteen minutes away from Mannheim. We paid the entrance fee in front of the castle - twice as high for me because I'd forgotten my student ID - and walked through the gate, amazed at the size of the field in front of us.

I initially thought the field was the whole garden and was a little disappointed at the prospect of spending the next few hours looking at some nicely cut grass, but Erin suggested we check out one of the side paths leading into the bushes and we discovered that the gardens stretched far wider on the sides. We made a giant loop of the area, finding many little stone buildings and statues, a tropical themed area with palm trees, a museum, a lake, a Greek-style memorial, and even a mosque.

I've heard numerous people refer to Heidelberg as a fairytale, but Schwetzingen deserves the title instead. The whole afternoon I was convinced I'd been transported from reality into a serene scene from a novel. Schwetzingen is a gorgeous place to spend a spring/summer afternoon and I'm ever thankful to Shannon for inviting me along.

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