Saturday, June 27, 2015

Exchange Goals | Part 2

About a month ago (give or take a few weeks) I posted part one of the exchange goals I hoped to accomplish during my remaining time in Germany. I can happily say that I finished the rest of my list with a few days to spare, and I've written a bit more about each one below. (I forgot to post this much earlier and I just found this is my drafts I'm sorry.)

Stars Bar
On the night of our last day of classes - which coincided with the day of departure of one of our friends - a group of students went to Stars Bars for drinks. We spent not quite two hours in the bar before the group switched to a more beloved favourite, but it was a fun bit of time enjoying the view over the city and sipping overpriced cocktails.

A day trip to Speyer.
CB and I made our way to the nearby city of Speyer a few days before my departure from Germany. The city was considerably smaller than I'd expected and we didn't explore much besides the main street and the nature paths by the river, but it was a fun afternoon trip and I got to spend some quality time with one of my best friends from exchange.

Eat at Schmelzpunkt and Emma in Heidelberg.
CB, Gabby, and I made the short trip between exams over to Heidelberg for one last round of waffles and hot chocolate in Schmelzpunkt, our favourite Heidelberg cafe. The line for gelato was out the door but inside the tables were clear and we spent a relatively peaceful half hour enjoying our sweet treats. At this point it was nearly dinnertime so we walked over to Emma, an adorable pizza place across the street, and split Hawaiian and pepperoni pizzas. 

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