Monday, May 25, 2015

Exchange Goals | Part 1

A little over a month ago I posted a list of 7 goals that I wanted to accomplish during my remaining two months in Mannheim. I've timed it well so far - halfway there and half of my goals have been fulfilled. Here's just a little bit about each of the ones I've done.

Another trip to France
A student group at Uni Mannheim offered a day trip to the French border town of Strasbourg (1.5 hours from Mannheim) for a mere 25€ and so I joined. Despite the rain and not knowing anyone else on the trip it was a fun spur-of-the-moment weekend trip. We took a glass-covered boat tour around the city - coincidentally when the rain fell hardest - and ate tarte flamée, a traditional pizza-like food from the region. While I wish it'd hadn't rained so that we could have seen more of the town, from what I did see Strasbourg is a beautiful city, full of culturally and politically important history.

Spend an afternoon on Rhine
Technically I spent an afternoon on the Neckar, but it still counts! I had a free afternoon near the beginning of May, so I took a tram to the edge of the Quadrate and walked up and down the banks of the Neckar, starting from the Alte Feuerwache and making my way down in the general direction of the mountains. The weather was a little chillier than I expected so I didn't stay the whole afternoon, but I'd fulfilled my wish of spending some time by a Mannheim river.

Eat Spaghettieis
As Mannheim is home to the original Spaghettieis (vanilla ice cream in the form of spaghetti, topped with strawberry sauce and shaved white chocolate), I went fully authentic and ordered it from the original ice cream maker's shop, Eis Fontanella. It wasn't quite what I'd expected but in the best way possible. The presentation looked exactly like real spaghetti, and the Eis itself tasted incredible. At the bottom of the pile is a heap of cream, which none of us were expecting. Were it not for the steep price, I would order Spaghettieis again and again; it's a true Mannheim treasure.

An afternoon trip to Luisenpark
A few weeks ago, Shannon (who has an incredible blog that everyone should go check out) asked if I wanted to join her in some Sunday afternoon exploration at Luisenpark, a huge park in Mannheim right outside of the Quadrate. We spent a full three hours and could have stayed many more - there's so much to do and see and is completely worth the 4€ entrance fee. Spring is the perfect time to visit as all the flowers are in full bloom and the fields and playgrounds are full of people without getting too crowded.

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