Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 | October Albums

October had numerous fantastic releases from both newcomers and old-timers. There were so many that I had to narrow it down to avoid having an overly long post. Although these are just my top three choices of the month, I would also recommend checking out:

Hozier by Hozier (7 October)
Irish singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier-Bryne released his debut self-titled album following a year of slowly building success with two EP releases. Hozier combines soul, gospel, blues, rock, and folk together to complement Hozier's haunting, soulful voice. Lyrically, Hozier tackles some complicated issues, setting his debut apart from others in the genre. Although I don't usually enjoy soul/blues-tinged rock musicians, Hozier's voice quickly captivated me and his hooks stay in my head for days.
Favourite tracks: Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene, Jackie & Wilson, Sedated.

Hold My Home by Cold War Kids (21 October)
Despite facing mixed reviews from critics, Cold War Kids' fifth album contains many of my favourite CWK songs. Though they still contain many of the piano-driven qualities of their earlier releases, Cold War Kids again mix up their sound by borrowing from Modest Mouse and U2 and incorporating arena rock elements. The first half of the album is stacked so solidly with excellent tracks that the second half suffers a little with fewer noteworthy moments. Even though Hold My Home does not possess much of the soul present in previous albums, their fifth release is still an entertaining piece of alternative rock that stands out among other autumn releases.
Favourite tracks: All This Could Be Yours, Hot Coals, Drive Desperate, Go Quietly, Nights & Weekends.
Flush - EP by CHILDCARE (28 October)
London-based musician Ed Cares' EP, full of punk energy of catchy pop hooks, is one of the best debuts I've heard. The lyrics are direct and honest, and each song tells a story; my favourite is "Gotta Wait," a song from a man in jail asking his significant other to wait for him. Written and recorded during his free time while working as a nanny, he tested his music on the kids he looks after, explaining his unique musical setup. CHILDCARE joins Rag'n'Bone Man as another debut artist from the new English record company Best Laid Plans, and if these two continue to be as fantastic as their debuts suggest, I am eagerly looking forward to future releases.
Favourite tracks: All of them.

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