Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Let's Skip to the Good Bit

In exactly a month I will again be moving myself and most of my possessions into a tiny little dorm room for four and a half months. And it could not come soon enough.

Summer has always been my least favourite season and this year more so than in the past. The only thing I usually look forward to about the summer months is no school, even though I like school, because that gives me time to catch up on books and movies that I didn't have time to enjoy the rest of the year. Last year I was excited for autumn because that meant moving out of my house for the first time and going to college. But this year I've especially wished for the summer months to go faster because I both miss my school-year life and dislike how I'm spending my time this summer.

Although I love my family and my little home city, I more enjoy living independently right outside of the capitol's downtown. I miss the atmosphere of my on-campus "village" - the intelligence and cultural engagement of my fellow students who actually care about what's happening in the world. I especially miss living with my friends, getting to spend time with them every day, meeting up for late night study sessions and ordering takeaway at 11pm, discussing personal beliefs and seeing other points of view, watching ridiculous movies on weekends, and going to local gigs, among many other things.

As for dissatisfaction in my summer living, it all comes down to how I'm spending the majority of my time. Between my two jobs I've been working about 40 hours a week with varying shifts so my free time has been inconsistent for the past two months, which makes it hard to plan things with friends. Additionally, most of my college friends don't live near me so I've only seen a few of them this summer. But the biggest thing has been my job. I've been working at Target/Starbucks 2 years/3 summers now, and while I have gained work experience and many useful skills during my time there, I don't feel as though I've really gone anywhere since the time I started. Part of the reason I love taking classes so much is that there is always an end goal with multiple short-term goals in the middle. If I've spent a day in classes and on homework, at the end of the day I feel like I've made progress and accomplished something and learned something new, and it's a satisfying feeling. At Starbucks, all I've done is make a little more money, but there's no personal feeling of something gained at the end of the day.

But of course, the prospect of what lies ahead is what is most exciting to me: I'm psyched for all my of classes in the fall, I'm living with one of my best friends in a hall full of people I already know, I have a job on campus so I'll have a steady if small income, I have some good concerts and road trips planned, and most of all, I'll (hopefully) be spending my spring semester in Germany. With all the craziness coming up in the next few months, perhaps a few more weeks of quietness are needed!

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